Infinity HERO 2011 Open Type Zero
by Airsoft Surgeon (Limited one piece only)

Description: Airsoft Surgeon's one-of-a-kind and limited edition fine jewelry-racegun designs employ delicate, racy style and are light, beautiful, and easy to operate. With designs that range from racy to elegant. Surgeon's racegun combines skilled craftsmanship with the artistic and the fashionable to produce exquisite creations that are suitable for any occasion, from collectors to IPSC shooters.

"Over View"

"Aluminum Shineee Grip With Infinity Logo"

Airsoft Surgeon's work has many inspirations. His shooting experience and images of his real steel IPSC shooting in Manila combine with a strong interest in modern art and an appreciation for the delicate simplicity of guns to create a style that is unique but beautiful.

"Hammer Steel , Safety Grip and Safety Ambidextrous Nova Main Spring Housing Aluminum"

One of the first things many people notice about Surgeon's fine racegun is the skillful use of color in his builds, from the simple beauty of two tone colors to the striking combination of delicate silver and the titanium. Beautiful selected parts materials complement each other perfectly, his guns are sophisticated and attractive, draw attention to everyone.

"CNC Lower Frame"

About the "2011 Hero Open Zero" The 6.5" PDI inner barrel with Tokyo Marui hop up makes it incredibly accurate and outstanding for use with relatively long range shooting; A double tap from 10 to 15 feet with 1 inch grouping or less is not difficult at all. Able to shoot up to 340 feet per second (fps). On gas blow back pistols, the smoother the slide cycles, the more stable the weapon will hold its position in your hands as it shoots. Original Marui slides are very good as is, but an Airsoft Surgeon precision cut and matched custom slide is simply amazing.

"Another Side Overview"


  • PDI 6.5 " 6.05 dimeter
  • Non Hop-Up Base Chamber
  • Airsoft Surgeon Nozzle and Piston Head
  • Airsoft Surgeon Knocking Valve
  • Airsoft Surgeon Disconnector and Sear
  • Airsoft Surgeon Super Light Sear Spring

Fully Custom and Tune By: Clarence Lai


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